Full of Ideas

Company History

Company History

Full of Ideas is the trademarked full name of FOI Group LLC. FOI Group LLC was founded in 1999 and is dedicated to turning the founder’s inventions into successful products. Full Of Ideas is driven by this successful inventor and his team of engineers. FOI owns intellectual property at all stages of the life cycle, with eleven issued patents in six distinct invention areas. We also have a growing number of patents pending and many ideas in various stages of pre patent development that cover a wide range of industries.

No matter how impressive an idea is, it must become a product to achieve real success. While FOI group LLC is making progress towards commercialization, the sheer number of distinct areas of invention make licensing a central business focus. Licensing may be to an existing company or to a new start-up headed by a qualified founder. FOI Group LLC is eager to visit with motivated entrepreneurial leaders looking to make a difference particularly in fire fighting, and defense related fields.

Full of Ideas is a small company with big potential. Our engineers and businessmen have real world experience. Well-conceived and creatively applied ideas can make money for you or save you money. We have an excess of ideas and are creating more every day. Let us put a great idea to work for you!


Founder – David M. Munson, Jr.

David Munson Jr. is founder, owner, financier, and inventor for FOI Group LLC. From brainstorming and inventing a solution, designing and engineering a prototype, building and manufacturing the finished product, and marketing the end result, David is there every step of the way. David helps provide a fresh approach to old problems and expert help with new ones.

David has a rare combination of high-level educational and business experience coupled with a lifetime of hands-on work. His inventions are novel yet practical real-world solutions to modern-day problems. He puts his money where his mouth is.

Additionally, David serves as Director of four private companies, a private foundation, and manages a diverse investment portfolio.

David received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree from The University of Texas at Arlington in 1985 after a short stint at Brown University in Rhode Island.


David Shawn Flatt, Principal Investigator

Shawn Flatt has served as chief design engineer for FOI Group LLC since January 2003. During this time, he has performed a wide variety of engineering tasks in addition to assisting with prototype fabrication. Engineering responsibilities include new product design, FEA testing, material and fabrication specification, testing prototypes, selecting and utilizing high speed data loggers, programmable logic controllers, variable speed drives and many types of sensors.

Shawn’s engineering duties have allowed him to develop expertise in the following software and test equipment:

  • Solidworks 3D CAD software
  • Cosmos FEA software
  • Autocad software
  • Mathcad software
  • EES Thermodynamics software
  • Labview Realtime operating system
  • Labview software
  • National Instruments PXI motion control and data acquisition computer

Shawn previously worked as lead design engineer and operations manager for a hydraulic product manufacturing company in Irving, Texas. For the last five years of employment, Shawn was involved in every aspect of design and manufacturing management of all in-house products. In the last two years, in addition to design engineering, he managed the Irving engineering, manufacturing and distribution facility. Additionally, Shawn has contributed significantly toward the creation and subsequent patenting of several hydraulics devices. He is well versed in many hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems and most common industrial components.

His real-world engineering skills are invaluable in developing new products at FOI Group LLC on time and within budget. His ability to work with and manage team members are of great use.

Shawn received his Bachelor of Science and Mechanical Engineering degree from The University of Texas at Arlington in August of 1996.