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Swept Conical-Like Profile Axisymmetric Circular Linear Shaped Charge

US Patent: 9,175,936 *Co-Owned with Innovative Defense

This patent discloses a novel shaped charge device that produces a hollow cylindrical jet capable of creating a hole in a target larger than the overall diameter of the device.

Revolved Arc Profile Axisymmetric Explosively Formed Projectile Shaped Charge

US Patent: 9,175,940 *Co-Owned with Innovative Defense

This patent discloses a novel axisymmetric revolved arc explosively formed projectile (REFP) shaped charge design will produce a projectile that is greater than 2/3 the diameter of the device forms a hole larger than the device diameter and removes all of the target material within the hole diameter.

Enhanced light weight Armor system with deflective operation

US Patent: 7,546,795

This patent discloses an enhanced lightweight armor plating for protection against HEAT warheads.